From WinForm to WPF: A Quick Reference Guide

Michael Sorens provides a handy wallchart to help migration between WinForm / WPF, VS 2008 / 2010, and .NET 3.5 / 4.0.

This can be downloaded for free from the speech-bubble at the head of the article.

He also describes the current weaknesses in WPF, and the most obvious differences between the two. Read the full article here.

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Stack Overflow is kind a new Microsoft MSDN. The site has over 500.000 questions and answers for any kind of technology issues. Ask your question and get reliable answer(s) immediately. We owe too much to creators Jeff Atwood (Coding Horror) and Joel Spolsky (Joel on Software).

From the Microsoft Case Studies:

Developers See Faster Web Coding, Better Performance with Model-View-Controller

When a couple of renowned developers decide to create a Web site dedicated to helping the world of developers share technical information amongst themselves, they need to create a site that is efficient, scalable, and easy to use. That was the challenge facing Jeff Atwood, author of the Coding Horror blog, and Joel Spolsky, author of the blog Joel on Software. As they planned to create Stack Overflow, a question and answer site for developers, they wanted to find a tool that would enable them to use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach, which simplifies application programming and separates application logic from the view state. They built their site using the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework, part of the Microsoft Web Platform. The site supports some 1 million page views per day and hosts more than 500,000 questions, associated answers, and discussion

Organization Size: 7 employees

Organization Profile
Stack Overflow is a Question & Answer Web site for the developer community, reaching 5.2 million users a month, and storing the answers for and discussion about more than 500,000 technical questions.
Business Situation
As Stack Overflow developers began planning the Web site, they wanted to use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach to simplify development by keeping application logic separate from the view state.
The company developed its Web site using the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework, the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, and Visual Studio 2008.
  • High performance
  • Fast development
  • Easier testing and code maintenance
  • Strong community
  • 2 Web tier servers with 1 Intel Xeon Quad Core processor and 8 GB of RAM
  • 1 database server with 2 Intel Xeon Quad Core processors and 48 GB of RAM

Software and Services

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Vertical Industries
IT Services

United States

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The Secret Origin of Windows

A quarter century ago, Windows wasn’t everywhere. In fact, some were doubtful it would ever ship at all. And Tandy Trower was there.

Check out the cool story about Windows.

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Curious About F#

Are you curious about the new programming language called F# which is supported by Visual Studio 2010?

You should check out this online book.

“Welcome to the F# Survival Guide by John Puopolo with Sandy Squires. We wrote this book to introduce mainstream developers to the world of functional programming through the lens of F#, Microsoft’s first fully-supported multi-paradigm language.

In the spirit of a survival guide, this book covers all of the essential elements of functional programming and the F# language. In this regard, the book is concept and keyword complete, covering the entirety of the core F# language and its pragmatic use.”

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ASP.NET MVC Migration Tool

Elion Lipton has finished ASP.NET MVC Migration Tool. This incredible tool converts MVC v1 applications MVC v2 applications. Be careful MVC v2 has not been released yet.

Check out the tool here.

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