Have you ever tried to sync your browser bookmarks across different computers?
At work I am using a desktop and a laptop, at home I have another desktop computer.
Sometimes, I have to find a website which I’ve bookmarked recently, but dont know on which computer I
have bookmarked it. I was looking for a perfect solution for this particular problem until today.

Xmarks a great addon for browsers. It syncs your bookmarks accross computers even different browsers
(including Firefox, IE, chrome and Safari) and stores them at their server.
Also, it has capability of storing “saved passwords”. It uses a pin to encrypt your saved passwords
and stores them in server.

Xmarks uses SSL encryption to ensure your special data stored privately.
Also if you want to use your server to store your private data it has that capability too.
If you are using several computers and looking for a solution for “Bookmark SYNC” this is the best
tool I can recommend to.

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